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Stanton M303 3 Channel Mixer with Superior Sound Technology

The next rung up from the 200-level on Stanton’s “ladder-o-mixers” is the Stanton M.303 3-channel mixer. Performance DJ technology, meet affordability… I can see that this is a match made in Stanton. Whatever your spinning, scratching and mixing pleasure may be, the M.303 offers you the most bang, in the club or in the studio, your buck ever expected to find.

Built with Superior Sound Technology for the clearest distortion-free sound quality available the M.303 comes with all the features today’s DJ require to meet the needs of demanding dancehall crowds.

Each of the 3 channels offers 3-band EQ plus gain and channels 1 and 3 feature kill switches. 3 phono inputs and 6 line inputs give DJ’s more input versatility and EQ on the mic input allows for consistent voice-over sound so your voice wont be the weak link in your performance. A whole cue section with PFL and cue pan will keep your mixes right on point with precision cuts. Additionally, balanced master and booth outputs ensure that those in the “need-to-know” have an ear in on the mix.

The M.303 is engineered with Stanton’s Superior Sound Technology. What does that mean? It means that even with all channel faders, master fader, and all EQ’s cranked you will hear absolutely no background noise or hum… nothing! Also you wont ever hear any sound bleeding over from other channels. All you will hear is… nothing. That’s because SST mixers use components of only the highest quality available such as durable glass epoxy circuit boards and surface-mount circuitry. That means only the clearest noise-proof sound, a longer life, and as always the most dependable performance.

The M.303 is a heavyweight 3-channel mixer with nothing left out, no compromise and no extra bull. The features are right; the styling is undeniably right and the price? You guessed it: just right. Considering the competition… wait…there isn’t one. SO what’s to think about? The M.303 has your name written all over it. Look there it is now- STANTON.

Stanton site: M.303

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