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Stanton M 304 3 Channel Mixer with Superior Sound Technology

The Stanton M.304 Mixer is the perfect 3-channel mixer for DJ’s who require the extra features to set their unique mixes apart from the rest. Don’t be fooled by this mixers compact 10” size. Packed with features such as spring-loaded kill switches, a built-in FX loop, and the industry leading engineering of Stanton’s Superior Sound Technology, the M.304 is truly a studio and live-performance heavyweight capable of putting out the house burning performances Pro DJ’s expect

Stanton’s Superior Sound Technology engineering gives DJ’s the clearest, most consistent, and highest-quality sound possible to be achieved by any DJ mixers currently on the market. That’s because where most other mixers cut corners in design Stanton throws down and the result is higher dynamic range and the lowest possible distortion. Superior Sound Technology employs only the finest components like super durable glass epoxy circuit boards with surface-mount wiring, which keeps all your wires locked down snug as a bug in a rub-a-dub. What you get with SST mixers is zero hum, zero bleed between channels, and the lowest distortion possible all of which gives you only the highest-quality sound.

Other features on the M.304 include:

• Penny & Giles crossfader
• 3 phono inputs, 6 line inputs, and microphone input with EQ
• Gain with LED indicators on all channels
• 3-band EQ on all channels
• Spring-loaded kill switches on Channels 1 and 3
• PFL and cue pan
• Balanced master and booth outputs

The M.304 is an excellent 3-channel solution for clubbing DJ’s looking to do more with their mixes than the status quo. When it comes to upping the ante, Stanton does it best and the M.304 is no exception. Superior Sound Technology is what puts this one over the top but you can be sure that discounting the mass of other features is a mistake. Buy Stanton, sound better.

Stanton site: M.304

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