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Stanton RM402 Four Channel Mixer

The Stanton RM.402 four-channel mixer represents the new era in mobile DJ mixers. Designed for use with turntables, CD players, mic’s, and pretty much any combination of performance gear you can cook up, the RM.402 can handle even the most complex rigs.

Featuring Stanton’s new extra-durable, industrial styling, and priced at possibly the most affordable range in its class the RM.402 cuts the competition no slack and, in terms of pure sound quality, may be the best thing to happen to you since you started listening to good music.

Most of that can be credited to Stanton’s incorporation of Superior Sound Technology. This innovative engineering offers today’s DJ’s the clearest, most consistent, and highest-quality sound achievable by any DJ mixers currently on the market. That’s because where many other companies cut corners in mixer design Stanton throws down and the result is a higher dynamic range coupled with the lowest possible distortion. Superior Sound Technology employs only the finest components such as super durable glass epoxy circuit boards with surface-mount wiring, which keeps all your wires locked down, snug as a bug in a rub-a-dub rug. Therefore what you end up with in SST mixers is zero hum, zero bleed between channels, and the ultra low background noise. When you aren’t playing music, you won’t hear anything.

Also included on the RM.402:

• 19”rackmount chassis
• 3 phono, 9 line and 3 microphone inputs for convenient input flexibility
• 2-band EQ and talkover function on Mic inputs
• Fully assignable crossfader including fader start
• Gain with clip LED indicators on each channel
• Dual 7-band master EQ
• Zone and booth outputs plus balanced master output

No mixer in the RM.402’s class comes close to the range of flexibility and connectivity that Stanton offers in this mixer. With a full house of complete rig compatibility, custom orientation and super high quality sound rooted in Stanton’s Superior Sound Technology, the RM.402 is a cut above the competition in even the most demanding live-performance or studio recording applications.

Stanton site: RM.402

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