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Stanton RM406 Rackmount Style Mixer

Leading the pack of mobile 4-channel club DJ mixers is the Stanton RM.406 rackmount-style mixer and when we say, “leading the pack,” we mean that this is absolutely Stanton’s top dog mixer. For DJ’s who want it all, and I’m talking about the whole kit-n’-caboodle, there is no debate where to find it.

The RM.406 clocks in all the essentials from the built in FX loop to Superior Sound Technology; Stanton will have you prepared for everything, whether you’re rigging up turntables, CD or DVD players, or digital media.

As to be expected with all of Stanton’s mixers, the RM.406 is engineered with Superior Sound Technology. SST gives you the cleanest, most transparent sound quality available in the industry via a combination of high-grade components and smart construction. Where other companies cut the slack is where they don’t think you will look, on the inside. If you were to open up competitor’s mixers, you would most likely find a mess of wires and shoddy circuit components that ultimately result in background noise, channel bleed, and lots of distortion. Open up a Stanton mixer and you’ll see bombproof glass epoxy circuit boards with fixed surface mount wiring. This neat and tidy package will repeatedly serve up sound with zero bleed, zero background noise and the lowest distortion you’ll find.

Other features on the RM.406 include:

• Newly designed 5U rackmount chassis
• 4 phono and 10 line/CD inputs
• 2 XLR and a ¼” mic inputs each with 3-band EQ and talkover
• Minijack input for connecting to portable media and mp3 players
• FX send and return connectors
• Illumiknobs™ show knob position in dark venues
• Gain and 3-band EQ with complete kills for each channel
• Assignable crossfader with curve control and fader start
• Stereo/split function, cue pan and level control on cue section
• Balanced XLR and ¼” master outputs, balanced ¼” and RCA zone outputs, RCA booth and record outputs, and ¼” or 1/8” headphone jacks
• Recessed rear panel hides cables

Woof, woof! That’s what your mix will sound all linked up to the RM.406 at the end of the day, kicking so much they’ll have to nail the subs to the floor! Serious Pro DJ’s wont even have to read this, they’ll just see the features and know instantly that this dog has bite in its bark. With the finest engineering in music Stanton will step up to the most challenging applications any day. So, which pack are you in?

Stanton site: RM.406

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