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Stanton SA3 Scratch Mixer

The Stanton SA.3 Scratch Mixer continues in Stanton’s tradition of offering today’s DJ’s the highest quality DJ equipment at the most affordable prices. The SA.3 dishes up a whole host of features previously reserved for only the most expensive scratch mixers such as Stanton’s Superior Sound Technology.

Kitted out with rock-solid durability and an intuitive and smart-looking interface offering ultra-smooth and wicked fast mixing, the SA.3 hits all the bases of scratch mixing and brings you home with more cash in the wallet for buying more important things, like music.

Built with Stanton’s soon-to-be-legendary Superior Sound Technology, the SA.3 is just as brilliantly equipped on the inside as its outward appearance would suggest. Some companies slack on the details especially when it comes to wiring and circuitry because it is not readily visible. Stanton recognizes the importance of professional engineering when it comes to play back and that’s why all of Stanton’s mixers are built with super durable glass epoxy circuit boards and surface-mount wiring which gives DJ’s the crystal clear sound they want, an none of the channel bleed, distortion or hum that results from shoddy parts and construction.

Each of the channels features separate gain, 3-band EQ and pan controls. A fully equipped cue section provides cue pan, cue select, and 2 headphone jacks. Each of the 3 super smooth and durable faders is built to last and offer reverse and curve adjustments.

Other critical features on the SA.3 include:

• Balanced master outputs
• 2 phono, 2 line and 1 microphone inputs
• Phono/line switches with flash feature
• Mic volume control with a mute switch
• Protekt Panel for resilience to heavy use and abuse while scratching

The SA.3 is the ideal scratch mixer for scratch DJ’s on a budget who do not want to sound like a DJ on a budget and, eventually, no longer BE a DJ on a budget, if you catch my drift. Packed with all the essentials and no skim, this heavy-duty mixer will be ready and willing in even the most demanding gigs. So stop crying that you can’t afford to DJ, because it’s not true! Just ask Stanton and they’ll say, “SA.3.”

Stanton site: SA.3

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