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Stanton Mixers

Stanton products are sold throughout the world and used by artists like Faust, Paul Oakenfold, DJ Riddler, B-Side and Blank & Jones. Located in Florida, Stanton Magnetics has developed a large following.

Stanton’s History and Accomplishments

Since 1942, Stanton Magnetics has designed and produced quality professional audio equipment including a large offering of mixers. However, they did start out designing and producing magnetic cartridges and record needles. Over the years, they’ve advanced to include a number of products including CD players, DJ mixers and accessories.

After teaming up with Native Instruments, Stanton Magnetics released new computer software that took the world by storm. This defining product is their FinalScratch program that allows professionals to play, scratch and mix music straight from their computer using any turntable.

Favorite Stanton Models

You’ll find a nice selection of options and features on Stanton mixers. Prices vary, but there are models to fit any budget.

CM.203: A two-channel mixer with line inputs that are iPod compatible, pitch control, relay and fader start
CM.205: A two-channel CD mixer that features MP3 playback, 20-second anti-shock buffers, fader start and powerful pitch control
M.201: A two-channel mixer with three-band equalizers on each channel, a microphone input with a two-band equalizer and cue pan and volume controls
M.202: A two-channel compact mixer with a curve adjust crossfader, three-band equalizer and microphone input
M.303: A three-channel ten-inch dance mixer with three-band equalizers on each channel, kill switches on two channels and Superior Sound Technology
M.304: A three-channel mixer with FX loop, Superior Sound Technology, LED indicators on all channels, three-band equalizers and a Penny & Giles crossfader
RM.402: A four-channel mobile mixer with a 19-inch chassis, Superior Sound Technology, LED on each channel and microphone inputs with separate equalizers and talkover functions
RM.404: A four-channel club mixer with Superior Sound Technology, ten line inputs, four phono inputs, two microphone inputs and a mini-jack for iPod connections
RM.406: A four-channel club mixer with 10 line inputs, four phono inputs, three microphone inputs each with three-band EQ, Illumiknobs and Superior Sound Technology
SA.3: A two-channel scratch mixer with a full cue section, faders with reverse and curve, balanced master outputs and three-band equalizers on each channel
SMX.201: A two-channel compact DJ mixer with two-band equalizer and gain on each channel
SMX.211: A two-channel DJ mixer perfect for beginners with fader start, full cue section and two-band equalizer

Stanton mixers are designed for frequent use. Don’t worry about them dying with excessive use. Crossfaders are easily replaced when the time does come.



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