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Vestax PMC 05 ProIII Two Channel Sratch DJ Mixer

The Vestax PMC-05ProIII is a vast improvement from its earlier models to fit the needs of all the scratch/hip-hop DJs among other styles. At a fairy reasonable price and with such a venerable name you cannot go wrong with this mixer.

The 05-ProIII has some new features worth mentioning and considering. First off there are send and receive stereo effects inputs and outputs. Also this dual PGM mixer allows the effects send to be turned on/off for each PGM as well as the ability to have the effects just on your CUE to hear them before playing them on the main out.

The DX model of the Vestax 05-ProIII comes with a few more inputs near the stereo effects that allow for an audio interface plug-in that can then play audio signals digitally from your computer through a USB input on the interface.

The ProIII has two onboard EQs for each PGM (a high and a low knob). The new feature here is that the low frequencies can be cut by -24dB and raised to 12dB. The older models of the 05-Pro could only be lowered to -12dB.

Equipped for Battle

The Vestax 05-ProIII has some structural advancements that make battling easier and more convenient. Most of the switches, sliders, and knobs are raised to free up room for the channel switcher battling techniques. This helps with scratching as well, and that is with vinyl and not your hand. This is because the ProIII top faceplate has gone from gold to shiny, smooth silver that does not have any screws near the sliders reducing the chances of cutting your hand while working the face of the mixer.

The cross fader “curve” can be controlled to your style of transitioning with the turn of a selection knob. Also all the knobs, switches, and sliders have been upgraded to be more heavy-duty, durable, and smooth.

More Features:

• 2 LINE, 2 PHONO, 2 MIC, and Effects inputs
• 2 Master Out, Effects Send, and Headphones Out outputs
• Third generation PCV cross fader, now even smoother and accurate
• Cross fader reverse, Hamster switch
• Replaceable cross fader with easy access from innovative double panel faceplate
• Rotary knobs improvements

The Vestax 05-ProIII (and DX model) are great selections for the battling DJs as well as anyone trying to add more to their mixer experience.

Vextax site: PMC-05ProIII

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