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Vestax PMC 280 PRO DJ Mixer

With 16 onboard effects and 4 channel inputs, the Vestax PMC-280 PRO has limitless possibilities for DJ sounds and textures. The PMC-280 will fit the needs of any DJ and push their styles farther than imagined.

The PMC-280 PRO has 16 different built-in effects that are easily assigned with a rotary knob. Next to this are two individual effects-parameter adjustment knobs as well. Your effects selection includes Digital Delay, Echo, Reverb, Flanger, Auto PAN, Phaser, Pitch Shifter, Vocal Canceller, Low Pass Filters, Band Pass Filters, and Hi Pass Filters.

The Vestax PMC-280 PRO is a 4 PGM Mixer and each PGM has a 3 band isolator EQ. This feature allows for precision mixing for longer mix transitions. This is a much-desired feature among most DJs working on mixes today. On top of that each PGM is cross fader assignable to A, B, or both master outs.

Vestax’s Design for the PMC-280

The PMC-280 PRO has PGM cue selector buttons for all 4 PGMs as well as a cue button for the effector. A rotator knob can adjust the headphones to hear anywhere between all cue to all master settings. The PMC has two master level knobs and a cue level knob.

The PMC-280 PRO comes equipped with two individual RCA outputs and XLR outputs for Master 1, which gives a cleaner sound overall going to your speaker source. Also, an optional USB board can be purchased and installed. The digital source is sent through the PGM 4 input and out the Master 1 output.

Overall features:

• 10 inputs (2 PHONO, 2 MIC, and 6 LINE) and 2 separate master outputs
• 16 assignable onboard effects
• Unique Ring Modulation and Vocoder effects
• 3 band isolators for each PGM
• Optional USB board can be installed for digital inputs
• Strong and durable CF-PCV cross fader

The Vestax PMC-280 PRO is definitely a mixer for the mind-expanders and progression pushers, with many effects options and multiple input possibilities there is no telling how far you can take your DJ work.

Vextax site: PMC-280

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