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Vestax R 2 Premium Mixer

The Vestax R-2 Premium Mixer works with DJs to get precision mixing levels and quality along with accurate controlling to get the best overall sound quality of any mixer of this caliber. Its upgrades from the R-1 are convenience and features for close to the same price.

The R-2 is a mixer that allows for multiple inputs and gains that work to get correct levels when mixing any sort of music format (CD, vinyl, MP3). These input gain controls used to be on the back panel but moved to the front panel of the R-2 for easier access to input adjustments.

The R-2 comes with a high quality 4 band isolator with control over the master’s hi, mid-hi, mid-lo, and lo adjustments. Also a frequency switch allows you to set the frequency between any two controls on the isolator.

There are level control knobs on each PGM, a master, and a booth. Also you will find a headphone section on the front panel that includes headphone level controls and a cue selector knob. For better cue and booth quality, the R-2 provides 3 Booth EQ adjustments.

R-2 Pushes Basic Sound Control Constraints

The Vestax R-2 mixer provides a stereo EFFECT SEND/LOOP on the back panel as inputs and outputs for each PGM. On the front panel is a switch that turns on and off all the effects that were put into the back of the mixer.

Other outputs provided for you on the R-2 are LINE outs for the master and the booth speakers. The R-2 also has XLR outs for even better PA speaker and sound quality. This mixer gives you a REC out as well to record your sets or sound sent through the mixer.

Aside from having all the possible effectors on board, the R-2 still has the capability of creating precision sound with varied effects. With accurate control features and excellent electric innards, the Vestax R-2 is a promising mixer for those DJs trying to master their overall sound quality.


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