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Vestax R 3 Intelligent Professional Mixing Controller

The Vestax R-3 Mixer is for professional DJs who are taking their skills to the next level. This device has endless parameter and sound controls that can put you way ahead of the game.

The Vestax R-3 was created in response to DJ and sound engineers’ request for a more precise and elaborate machine. Its upgrade from the R-1 and R-2 includes EQs for each channel and the master through the input and mixing controls. These level controls equalize and enhance precision and overall quality of sound through out the mix.

The 3 band EQ comes standard on each PGM with a MID range for frequency control and a LOW and HIGH control that can adjust +/-12dB. This allows for almost total drop out or addition of your bass or treble between song transitions or mix matching (especially in club scenes).

Vestax created the world’s first 3-band isolator for higher boost controls of up to +4dB, but the R-3 takes this even farther in order to appease professional sound controllers and allows the boost to reach +12dB.

Along with the isolator upgrade, the R-3 has an amazing filter upgrade. Not only is there a filter control state of the art rotary knob, but also you have complete control over the exact hi-pass, lo-pass, and resonance controls. The circuitry also self corrects so that is your hi-pass is at maximum or lo-pass is minimum, the resonance will not peak out and squeal or damage your sound system.

There are easy access Master level control knobs and 3 LED instant peak indicators on the Vestax R-3. Also each PGM has light up CUE buttons that can put as many or all the PGMs on cue.

The loop station is set up on the front and back panel of the R-3 mixer. The front panel allows for external effectors or samples the DJ may have and the back panel is used for permanent loop inputs. There is also a LOOP ON/OFF switch that allows you to bypass the loop entirely.

The Vestax R-3 has a maximum of 15 stereo inputs. There are 8 LINE IN, 5 PHONO IN, and 2 MIC IN. Also you have 8 output options: 2 MASTER OUT (phone and XLR), 2 BOOTH OUT (phone and XLR), 2 MASTER LOOP, and 2 REC OUT (REC 2 is located on the front panel for easy recording access of live mixes).

The Vestax R-3 is a professional choice intelligent mixer that will support the needs and desires of DJs and sound engineers who find sound quality to be amazingly important and essential for the mixing process.

Vextax site: R-3

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