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Vestax VMC 002XLu 2 Channel USB Mixer

Vestax created the VMC-002XLu with budget and user friendliness in mind. With this new age of digital DJing, it helps to have a nice mixer that can get you started, be specific and approachable, and leave you with enough money to bulk up that MP3/CD/Vinyl collection.

Right off the bat, the VMC-002XLu is a perfect entry-level mixer with 2 PGMs and each has adjustable trim and 3 band isolator knobs. The isolator ranges can be set from off (- infinity) to +6dB. These alone set beginners up with what it takes to get started mixing tracks.

The VMC-002XLu has LINE (RCA) outputs as well as XLR outputs for better quality sends to your speakers. And though the 002-XLu is a very portable mixer, best used for private bedroom hobbyists or studio recording/practice sessions, its highest capacity of use is in small club venues if necessary.

A great feature on the VMC-002XLu is its USB port. This feature allows digital DJs to get into the mix either as a music feed source or recording. The 002XLu can be easily turned into a way of recording live sets or vinyl samples with out an interface and using just the USB connection to your computer. Of course you will need some recording software as well. Along with the USB port, an RCA output can be used as your means of recording.

More User Friendly Features

The Vestax VMC-002XLu has the simple but necessary level and balance controls:

• Master level
• Master balance
• Monitor level
• PGM levels
• Mic level

There are two cross faders on the 002XLu: the monitor c.f. that allows you to hear the EQ changes through your headphones before they go on the master and the master cross fader. The 002XLu comes with a high grade ALPS fader but can even be upgraded to the ever popular and reliable PCV replaceable cross fader. Also there is a front panel switch that can assign the sharpness of your fading as the curve control.

The Vestax VMC-002XLu comes with all the inputs you could ever need (microphone, phono, line, and USB) and allows you to get in touch with the mixing process while maintaining your sanity over technicalities from other mixers as well as your monetary well being.

Vextax site: VCM-002XLu

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