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Vestax VMC 004XLu 4 Channel USB Mixer

The Vestax VMC-004XLu has a sleek and slender design at only 16” wide; making it the smallest 4-channel mixer Vestax has every put out. Vestax also decided to add a USB port with out adding dollars to the overall cost of the mixer.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional DJ the Vestax VMC-004XLu has a great use for you. For beginners this mixer can serve as a great source of getting started with easy and understandable controls as well as 4 possible program choices. Professionals may choose to use the 004XLu as a secondary mixer and push parameter controls to limitless ends of the spectrum.

The VMC-004XLu has 4 PGMs, each with different assignable device options from the 4 LINE, 4 PHONO, 2 MIC, and USB port inputs. Each PGM also has a trim adjustor and 3 band isolators where the hi, mid, and lo ranges go from off to +6dB. There are LED indicators of where each PGMs’ EQ is set at.

There are C.F. assigner switches on each PGM of the VMC-004XLu. This allows you to decide whether the PGM will be on A, B, or both sides of the fade. The 004XLu comes with an ALPS cross fader and can easily be upgraded to the well known PCV cross fader. This mixer also has a front switch that allows for curve control (either sharp or smooth transitions) for your fader.

More “Ins and Outs” of the VMC-004XLu

The Vestax VMC-004XLu has many output options as well as the many inputs available. There are two master RCA outputs and a XLR output. One of the RCA outputs can be used for recording as well as simply a feed to you speakers. Another output that would most commonly be used for recording is the installed USB port on the front panel of the mixer.

The 004XLu has two Master level controls along with a left and right balance control knob. The Master control settings are located next to LED indicators of peak sound. This helps with precision sound control and the easiest access to quick fixing possible.

In the Monitor level section of the mixer, there are a few key knobs to recognize: a 4 PGM cue selector knob, a monitor level knob, and a knob that fades between headphones hearing the cue or the master.

The Vestax VMC-004XLu is an excellent choice for anyone is the DJing world that is less worried about effects and sound manipulation and relies more on simplicity and budgets.

Vextax site: VCM-004XLu

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