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Vestax Mixers

Vestax prides its business on meeting their six promises to their customers:

Future Vision
Client Information

As Vestax prides itself on meeting and exceeding customer needs, they strive to ensure a business-friendly relationship where products are designed to be completely satisfactory to those who will use them most.

Vestax’s Accomplishments

Japan’s Vestax opened in 1977 designing and building electric guitars. While business was good, they decided to branch out in the world of audiocassette multi-tracks in the 1980s. This lead to their current production of DJ mixers, CD players and other professional audio gear.

One of their biggest breakthroughs came in the latter part of the 1990s when they released a line of DJ turntables that were priced to beat competition, yet featured better technology and specs. The introduction of the straight tone arm helped rocket the turntables to immense popularity because it makes scratching easier. This brought Vestax to the limelight where their products continue to amaze today’s audio professionals.

Best-selling Vestax Mixer Models

Everyone wants to sound their best, with Vestax mixers, expect to combine ease of use with outstanding function. These mixers are powerful, logically laid out and a lot of fun.

PMC-05Pro Ill: A two-channel professional scratch mixer with the addition of a USB connection, two-band EQ and microphone connection with separate EQ
PMC-280: A four-channel performance mixer with 24-bit DSP effects, input faders, two RCA outputs and optional USB board
R-2: A five-channel premium mixer with phase effect condensers, gain control on the inputs, four-band isolators with frequency shift, stereo effects and three-band EQ on master out
R-3: A professional mixer with all controls on the front rather than the top, quality three-band equalizers on all inputs and outputs, sensitive VU meter, larger knobs, RCA record out terminal, dust and moisture proof, RIAA amplifiers and three-band isolator
VCM-002XLu: A five-channel DJ mixer with an optional USB expansion slot, three-band isolators, XLR outputs, curve switch on crossfader and detachable rack ears
VCM-004-XLu: A four-channel DJ mixer with USB board, input LED meters, three-band isolator, CF assign switch, phono equalizer and rack angle unit

Vestax products are trusted choices among today’s greatest DJs and audio professionals. DJ Q-bert, Mix Master Mike, Johnny Fiasco and Satoshi Tomiie. There’s good reason they trust in Vestax, it’s the best way to get the most from your music.


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