DVD Replication For High Impact Media

DVD replication offers a high quality high impact presentation medium for marketing professionals, schools and colleges, centers of worship or any results-oriented group.

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DVD Replication: What To Look For

Preparation of your source content is the key to a successful communications project involving CD and DVD replication. DVD replication services can only re-produce what you give them.

Look carefully at text, audio and voice overs, color and graphics along with all visual details including sequencing in order to ensure that you've set forth the most powerful, cogent and designed "message".

DVD Replication

* How Do You Know If You Require DVD Replication Or DVD Duplication? The answer boils down to "quantity" of production discs. Essentially, DVD replication is the high-volume end of disc re-production, assumes you'll need at least 1000 copies. If you have smaller volume needs and you're looking for quick turn-around times, then you're more likely a customer for DVD duplication.

* The Production Differences Btewen DVD Replication Vs. DVD Duplication. In a CD based large volume DVD replication production environment, your master/source dics is re-mastered or converted into a glass master and stamper. Next, copies are created by introducing an injection molding process. By contrast, DVD duplication requires your same master/source disc, however copies are "burned" onto blank DVD-R or DVD-RW discs according to your instructions.

* Quality Control Procedures For Producing Glass Master. You want to maintain the data integrity of your source content, plus ensure that all copyright and trademark protections are built-in to the production process. So, here's what to look for from reputable DVD replication services firms. Verify that the service introduces a pre-mastering quality control test of your master/source, in order to ensure that there are no corrupted data. As the customer, however, you have final responsibility for your master/source data content and quality. Internationally, DVD replication service firms in the manufacturing standards environment point to their compliance to ISO 9002 factory floor standards.

* Video Authoring And DVD Replication. Authoring a video means that the DVD duplicator must not only faithfully transfer your master/source data, but they must also format your data utilizing encryption software in order to ensure that neither the production copies nor any down-line user can modify your data. Copy protection is added into the video authoring stage.

* Printing And Merchandising Your End Product. Large volume DVD copier firms will guide you in the area of labeling, packaging, fulfillment and distribution of copies. On-disc printing plus exterior packaging design options can make your copy discs look like store-bought quality.

* Data Storage Guidelines For Your Master/Source Disc. Assume normal data compression standards and your single layer master/source disc carrying up to 5 gigabytes of data storage, or to about 2 hours content. The DVD replication manufacturing department will guide you on data volume issues as they impact their production environment.

* What Are The Acceptable Recording Formats For Your Master/Source Disc? Most DVD replication services can easily handle source discs based on CD, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-Audio, DVD-R, DVD, DVD-RW.





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