Electronic Keyboard – Expanding Your Music With High Tech

It's never been easier to produce great sounds, now available with the latest electronic keyboards. Discover the wide-ranging instrument ‘voices', sound sequencing, MIDI sampling and production options now standard in electronic keyboard designs.

Electronic Keyboards For Beginners To Veteran Players

With song and melody-enriched electronic keyboards, you can "play along" with everything from nursery rhymes to Miles Davis. In which ever direction your music-playing tastes lie, make sure that your electronic keyboard offers you the quality level sound and playing feedback.

Find, Compare, and Buy Musical Instruments

    Determining ‘Starter' Instruments. When long term life long playing is the objective, a common mistake made by families is to buy a cheap electronic keyboard, thinking that their child will "get a feel for music". Thereafter, parents will "move up" the electronic keyboard quality spectrum, buying a better sounding instrument with enhanced programming and sound options. The problem emerges that cheaper electronic keyboards don't deliver the feedback and playing experience, so the child says " why bother ... I'll play CDs instead". Within reason, select the best electronic keyboard that you can afford. You'll increase the chances that your beginner player will create a life long hobby.

    Keyboard Sizes. You won't get much musical "bang for your buck" by selecting electronic keyboards with less than 61 keys. Remember that we all hear a broad spectrum of sound every day, so you want your electronic keyboard to be able to give you several bass octaves as well as several tenor octaves.

How Much Technology For Your Electronic Keyboard?

When you consider the possibilities of music software, MIDI controllers and music sampler technologies for your electronic keyboard you'll rapidly conclude that "the sky's the limit". If you want it, then you can definitely have it. Think of the following sound programming possibilities as you create a true home studio:-

    Adding Instrument Voices. Even the most basic electronic keyboard offers you other instrument ‘voices' to pick from. You can get versions of other pianos, such as an upright or pop grand piano, or you might get some instruments such as brass and woodwind or even percussion.

    MIDI Sampling. Think about adding pre-recorded rhythm or instrumental tracts, introducing Latin, reggae, pop, funk, jazz, country western, or classical music samplers into your play. You'll instantly create a ‘virtual' band, with great instrumentalists supporting you as you work on various sounds.

    Music Software. Higher end electronic keyboards will offer on-board music software, which will permit you to record, play back and create multi-channel or multi-track studio productions of your play. Think about the possibilities of introducing a particular music sequence that you've developed, then add your stored sampling. You'll play and produce sophisticated music, in any format, and maintain total control over the creative process. Meanwhile, you can hook-up an 128MB expansion board, as an external data storage device for all of your favorite music that you've created.


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