Yamaha Digital Piano For Playing Ease And Perfect Fidelity

Yamaha digital pianos give you wide-spectrum instrument voices, play-and-record capability, lightweight portability, extraordinary sonic quality and much more. Dig into the wide range of Yamaha digital piano styles and latest music-production technology.

Yamaha Digital Pianos Jump Start Creativity And Performance

Beginning musicians as well as seasoned studio and live performance professionals find all the ‘sound' and programming possibilities within the line-up of Yamaha digital piano designs. Check out the following overview, in order guide your research and buying decision.

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    Delivering Spectacular Concert Quality Fidelity. Yamaha digital pianos literally reproduce, digitally, the finest and fullest sounds created by the very best in acoustic instruments including the grand piano, organ, string instrument, guitar and bass, brass instruments and more. Yamaha engineers exploit the latest proprietary music sampler technology to digitally recreate as much as 128-note polyphony sound structure for every note on a standard 88-key piano keyboard. What this means is that you'll hear the complete sound spectrum, all harmonics, for every note and that your most complex chord structures played at whatever rhythm, whether pianissimo or forte, all get reproduced faithfully by your Yamaha digital piano. No ‘drop out' notes, as in cheaper imitation models where the microprocessor cannot deal with the actual notes played.

    Perfect Pitch – No More Tuning. Your Yamaha digital piano eliminates any future need for ‘piano tuning'. No more tuning bills, no more periods of time when your acoustic piano ‘crashes', going so far out of tune that it's painful to play. Yamaha digital piano technologies are microprocessor and digital-age stuff that's oblivious to the past acoustic problems associated with string tensions, changes in weather affecting the shape of the sound board to throw your instrument out of key.

    Concert Grand Piano ‘Feel'. Traditionally trained acoustic musicians are blown away by the ‘touch' and sensitivity controls built into Yamaha digital pianos. You get the same progressive action weighted hammer ‘feel' on a Yamaha that you would on the most expensive concert grand piano. But then, you'd expect this from Yamaha, which is a leader in acoustic as well as digital piano and synthesizer technologies.

The Yamaha Digital Piano And Synthesizer World

You can take your music as far as time and creativity allow by owning either a Yamaha digital piano or the synthesizer and workstation models.

    Keyboard Option. With your Yamaha digital pianos and synthesizers, you can select 61-key, 76-key or full 88-key keyboards to best match your playing needs.

    Huge 128-Note Polyphony. Yamaha samples as ‘deep' as any company, taking digital music sampler architecture to as much as 128-note. You're getting as close to 100% of the natural harmonics in every note.

    Music Software – Play And Record. Musicians can hardly believe their ears when experiencing the play-and-record onboard music software offered in many Yamaha digital pianos and synthesizers. MIDI controller music samples can be ‘imported' into today's play, re-sampled, multi-track overlays created, saved into a music file and either stored onboard or exported via your MIDI – USB interface to a peripheral Mac or Windows based PC.

    Sound Styles. Why limit yourself to digitized concert grand sounds when you can easily introduce the equivalent of your own onboard instant-access back-up group, playing jazz licks, reggae, hip hop, new age ambient moods and more! Press a controller button on your LCD display and your Yamaha digital piano or synthesizer workstation takes over to do the ‘heavy lifting', bringing in sound styles or new instrument voices such as guitar and bass, with even the fret and slide sounds coming through.


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