Digital Grand Pianos – Stunning Audio From A Baby Grand

Acoustic instruments have met their match when competing with technology-loaded digital grand pianos. Discover the ear-popping fidelity of even a baby grand digital piano, where the tones and textures of the best acoustic pianos have been digitized into your electronic keyboard.

Why Switch To A Digital Grand Piano?

Moving to a digital grand piano is not an either-or rejection of acoustic play. Think of a baby grand digital piano as the means to elevate your present play into a realm where you get more out of your musical instincts, plus regain the motivation to "push" harder.

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  • Perfect Pitch – No More Tuning. Buy a digital grand piano and you'll kiss goodbye to all those times when your acoustic piano went out of tune, preventing you from truly enjoying your music. All pianists know the experience: individual keys, or even entire octaves suddenly "go sharp or go flat", leaving you with an ear-hurting discordance based on out-of-whack harmonics. This problem vanishes once you own your digital grand piano. You'll stay permanently in perfect pitch, and you'll never have schedule a tuner engineer nor pay for a tuning again.

  • Practice And Portability. Once you get over the sound quality of your baby grand digital piano – where all notes have been sampled and digitized from the greatest ‘source' acoustic instruments – you'll quickly discover that you've also gained enormous flexibility in terms of practice play. Have you ever had the impulse to play loud ... or to play late at night or early in the morning ... just because the mood is right? Not a possibility with an acoustic instrument, but now with a digital grand piano an absolute reality. Strap on your head phones and play, whenever you want. You'll discover quickly that your digital grand piano opens up an entirely new dimension of piano playing. Also, you can travel anywhere and take your digital grand piano with you, carrying it under your arm. Imagine trying that with a 9-foot acoustic grand piano!

Technical Feature For Your Digital Grand Piano

If you're seeking a concert grand quality, then stay with the big brands such as Korg, Roland, Yamaha and other great companies which have established a design success and technology evolution in the category of digital grand piano manufacture.

  • 88 Keys. There's no substitute for a full 88-key digital grand piano. The only time you might consider a 76-key musical instrument is where you need to take your playing to a practice area, a stage, or event where you need maximum portability and light traveling weight.

  • Full Piano Voice Options. The best digital grand pianos offer simple push-and-play options to create sound feedback in the tone and timbre of a full 9-foot concert grand, a baby grand, an upright or even the pop-jazz-fusion piano sounds.

  • Music Sampler. Don't be content with "going solo". Your digital piano offers you unlimited programming and creative options to record and playback your own tracks, add pre-recorded sampling sequences, overlay music genre percussion and string sequences such as from classical, jazz, hip-hop, reggae, Latin, country western or whatever ‘combination' you want.


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