Portable And Stage Digital Piano And Electronic Keyboards

Portable and stage digital pianos are the ‘real deal'. You get full-spectrum sounds, light and convenient carrying weight in a digital piano that will easily fit in your car, on a train or on the smallest music stand. Online music instrument experts to guide your research and buying decision for an electronic keyboard that packs the musical punch.

Digital Stage Pianos For Outside Venues And Home

Look it. All players need the flexibility offered by the current crop of high-tech digital pianos. More experienced keyboardists may have ‘gigs' and engagements that demand a high degree of portability. You don't want to rely on the club, church or other venue to provide your musical instrument.

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Similarly, home-studio musicians regularly face circumstances when ‘stuff' has too be moved from one room to another, in order to make way for some home project. If this happens to you, then you can rely on your plug-in digital piano to easily travel upstairs or downstairs with you. Your music and the beat goes on. Here's a short list of player considerations when researching portable digital pianos:

  • Low Weight In Modern Instruments. Even the largest fully equipped digital pianos will likely weigh less than 50 pounds. Some of the smaller 61-key digital pianos especially designed for stage and travel might weight-in less than 30 pounds "dripping wet".

  • Accessories. If you're looking for a stage digital piano set-up, then you're likely to be carrying your accessory back-ups such as an external memory or data storage device, where your tracks and sequences are stored for rapid play back. Your electronic keyboard contains your primary music software, so your data-song and track access is controlled at your finger tips. On the output side, sharing sounds with your audience, you'll need the certainty and comfort of high quality studio monitor speaker systems.

    Stage And Practice Digital Pianos

Paid performances may only be part of your overall needs when looking at a digital stage piano. Practice time, which typically demands the most time, may also demand that you transport your electronic keyboard to another venue, in order to rehearse with other players.

  • Stage Set Ups. To ensure that you ‘get things right', you want to own a primary and back-up set of cables and hook-ups for your digital piano. By traveling with full gear complement, you only need ‘juice' or electrical power from the performance venue. Essentially, you plan for the worst, and then see what's actually provided. Since your digital piano is, at its fundamental, a highly sophisticated combination of micro-processors which happen to produce dazzling clarity high-fidelity ‘outputs', you need to control the data flow at all points of connection. What this means is carrying your electronic keyboard, speakers, and all essential cables to make you operational.

  • Keyboard Covers. When you buy your digital piano, also consider upfront a hard-pack carrying case or padded keyboard cover in order to safely protect your instrument from bumps and abuse.

  • Radical Chic Portability Technologies. The digital pianos instrument category continues to ‘heat up' from radical and chic innovations. A recent 21 st technology includes a ‘fold-up' keyboard. Fully loaded, with as many bells and whistles as most players will ever need, this fold-up digital piano may be the cutting edge in low weight, convenience yet high-tech performance capability.


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