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Digital piano play-and-use guideline. Learn about the wide range of music technologies designed into 21 st century digital pianos. 88-key grand pianos to portable stage pianos. Single track or multi-track play-and-record options plus multiple instrument voicings.

What's The Best Digital Piano?

The beauty of music and your creative processes is that it's entirely subjective. Determining the ‘best' digital piano for one player is akin to the adage that "one man's pill is another man's poison". Selecting electronic keyboards ultimately boils down to a personal style, musical direction you want to take, and your long term goals for improving your playing ability and "playing at a higher level".

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  • What Size Digital Piano? To the extent possible select the very best digital piano design that you can reasonably afford. Skimping on quality limits your music outputs and creative potentials, setting up the necessary conditions for abandoning your playing commitment. Parents often mis-calculate that their daughter or son should begin on a "starter" electronic keyboard of low quality and, on condition that "she really likes playing", then move up to more quality instruments. There's no more certain way to stop a music performance future. Bottom line, select a full 88-key digital piano, or perhaps a 76-key model, which carries music samplers from an acoustic grand piano, along with several other instruments.

  • Portable Stage Digital Pianos. If you're in a band or you need to play outside your home, then you'll want to explore the mid to high range portable stage digital pianos designs. Depending upon your music sounds, such as Latin, reggae, jazz, soul, gospel, country western or some hybrid style, you can select a shorter electronic keyboard such as the 61-key models. Make sure that your final model carries play-record-feedback capabilities. Spectacular and "loaded" digital stage pianos may weigh less than 40-pounds, inclusive of your keyboard cover.

Understanding Digital Piano Technology Options – Make Your Own Studio

In our technology-enriched times, you can get virtually any gizmo and computerized device for play, work or relief from bore dom. Digital pianos are no exception to this trend, indeed exploit the very best in microprocessor audio technologies.

  • Programming Functions For More Music. Have you only played acoustic pianos so far? If so, then don't worry about "excess features" now becoming standard in digital piano designs. Minimally, you'll get an enormous bump in creative output and playing time by choosing an electronic keyboard with a range of instrument voicings drawn from brass instruments, string instruments such as guitar and bass, vibraphone, organ, and even choral voice overlays. In quick order you'll be playing on the equivalent of a 9-foot concert grand piano, due to the music sampler technology built into your digital piano.

    Even cooler are the programming options to combine instruments such as pop piano + strings or another combination. While your instrument voices expand radically, your digital piano also gives you MIDI controller features which allow you to introduce pre-recorded tracts from music genres such as reggae, jazz, Latin and so on. Onboard music software completes the technology footprint within your digital piano's microprocessor capabilities, allowing you to create-and-store your favorite music rifts and sequences, creating your own hands-on production studio


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