Music Sampler For Digital Pianos And Synthesizers

Music samplers give you the means to take your digital piano music further and faster. Make rapid improvements, learning about music sampler and MIDI controller technologies for your home or professional studio and sound production needs.

Music Sampler For Programming Your Play Plus Jazz Rock Pop Reggae And More

Look at some of the programming and play possibilities offered by music sampler technologies loaded into your digital piano or available from external accessories:-

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  • Play Record And Mix. You work on your digital piano, creating a particular track or sequence, getting the chords and rhythms and preferred key signature. Now what? With your 4MB to perhaps 64MB onboard music sampler capability, you can now not only record your favorite sequences, but also interface with your PC via your MIDI controller to bring together music files and current play.

  • Creating New Audio Loops. Your music sampler offers you instant gratification by integrating patterns, earlier recorded sequences into an onboard system where even earlier music samples can be re-sampled, to reflect yet new artistic insights created as you play your electronic keyboard. You'll never again have to ‘remember' a past sequence, rather send it via your music software to an external data storage or memory file for instant retrieval.

  • Player Controls On Your Digital Piano. Many of the leading mid-level to professional quality digital pianos such as a Yamaha, Kawai or Roland grand piano allow you to designate specific playback functions to individual controller panel knobs. For example when using your MIDI controller for data-access of recorded sequences, you can assign a reverb or echo sound to a knob, or beat stretch function to another knob, or assign unique instrument ‘voices' to a control knob. You'll get real time system response so that you can play, modify current sound, or create entirely new production sequences.

How To Set Up Your Music Sampler Between Your Synthesizer And PC

You're going to a ‘higher level' of studio production capabilities so think about your music sampler needs as ‘data management' first, then secondly as music. You've got to get your digital piano to ‘speak' with your PC.

  • Pins Ports And Connections. Anticipate a 15-pin cable, split, to connect your MIDI sound card to the complementary MIDI input-output ports on your synthesizer or digital piano. MIDI in goes to your instruments MIDI out port, and your MIDI out goes to your instrument's MIDI in port, following the pattern of in-to-out hook ups.

  • PC Confirmation. After you've made the mechanical hook-ups, you need to verify that your PC can "find" or "read" your synthesizer or other instruments connected through the MIDI sound card. Go into you PC's file directory control panel, then system properties where you'll see a drop-down menu or tab showing device manager where all "devices" are listed ... . Look for your digital piano here, and if present, you're basically connected. Your instrument's owners manual goes more deeply into the set-up options, however in quick order you'll be able to test your music sampler by opening your MIDI controller application program, selecting a MIDI file, then designate "play" to see if it outputs from your synthesizer.


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