Digital Piano Music Stands And Benches

Music stands are designed to create the perfect playing height for your digital piano. Discover how to create the perfect production studio, for home or work, with music stands to hold your digital piano, synthesizer or external mixer or MIDI controller unit.

Music Stands Designs For Electronic Keyboards And Synthesizers

Unlike acoustic pianos, where the sound board and keyboard are housed within sometimes massive and elaborate wooden structures, your digital piano is 21 st century technology-slim. Only 6 inches high, 55 inches long for standard grand piano models, and around 12 inches wide and perhaps 40 pounds in weight, your electronic keyboard lacks any serious external structure to "get off the ground". You'll need a light weight, well balanced music stand that will hold up your digital piano, yet take the emotional and physical impact of your play.

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  • Key Measurements To Take. You want to get the right music stand for the job. In order to identify the best music stand, know the exact dimensions of all of your components including the height / width / length of your digital piano, along with the dimensions of any programming accessory such as a MIDI controller, sound mixer, or external memory expansion boards. Also, recall that your digital piano or synthesizer may weight around 40 to 50 pounds plus you'll be potentially bearing-down on the notes while you play, so assume downwards pressure of around 100 pounds.

  • Weights And Stability. The best music stands for digital pianos will be either a 4-point / 4-leg design or a large tube design that effectively creates a ‘wrap-around' 3-sided frame, leaving the front open for you to sit and have access to your dampening pedal. Most music stand give better reliability and performance, and won't suddenly just tip over, when you place them on firm level flooring rather than carpeting.

  • Materials Choices For Music Stands. Light and strong are the guides to music stand designing. Look for heavy gauge aluminum, in large tube format, for a music stand that can dissipate weight, yet be easily transported when you need to. Studio speaker music stands present different design issues to a low-profile digital piano. You may have quite heavy powered studio speakers perched 6-feet above the floor, and positioned to maximize the sound distribution into your playing area. Music stands need to be telescoping in design so that you have height adjustments, as well as an over-sized platform on the top where the speakers sit. One ingenious technique to create additional music stand stability for studio monitors is to locate a large patch of Velcro material on both your music stand and the underneath side of your studio speaker, so that you increase the contact ‘grip', and avoid damage to your equipment from falls.

Music Stands For All Studio Components

Music stands are essential for other components that you've put together in your studio. Special purpose music stands are designed in order to hold and secure additional electronic keyboards, for example at a different height to your main keyboard.

Your sound mixer as well as any external memory and data storage devices holding your favorite sequences and recordings need to be positioned atop the right-sized music stand, also one that can be located within easy-reach of your keyboard so that you can make controller decisions from your playing position.


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