Synthesizers And Music Software To Expand Your Music

Synthesizers exploit music sampling technology to give you expanded play-record as well as enhanced control over pitch, harmonics, and beat. See how your electronic keyboard playing performance can dramatically improve via pro music software and multiple synthesizer data engines.

What Level Of Music Synthesizer Do You Want And Need?

With music synthesizers the ‘natural world' of acoustic sounds can be mined and manipulated in order to create highly original and complex music. Getting the most from your creativity means understanding the genius music software imbedded in your synthesizer.

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  • Music Samplers – All The World's Music Accessible. Most synthesizers carry MIDI controllers which give you instant access to pre-recorded music sequences as well as the capability to re-sample and then over-lay ‘today's' session music onto your original tracks. Class-of-sound onboard options with your synthesizer may include whole music genres such as jazz, R&B, Latin, hip hop, reggae, country western, religious choral, new age ambient textures and more. Similarly, your synthesizer and the underlying music software allows you to program individual instrument ‘voices' such as grand piano, vibes, guitar, drum and percussion, choral, strings, organ, brass instruments, bass guitar and much more.

  • Electronic Keyboard Sizes. Your synthesizer carries a control panel, LCD viewing screen, ‘hot controller' buttons for one-push playback, extensive plug-in ports for music accessories such as mixers and external memory storage devices as well as MIDI board slots. However, you still have to ‘play' so look for a synthesizer with a full grand piano-like 88-note electronic keyboard. Progressive action weighted hammers faithfully reproduces the very best grand piano ‘touch', where hammer weights lighten as you move from bass clef to treble octaves.

Synthesizers And Your System Needs

No longer a matter of strings and brass instruments to tune, your music today is a highly sophisticated data-management environment where your synthesizer is the ‘mother load' supported by external memory devices, music software and virtually unlimited programming possibilities to layer and mix and re-record literally millions of versions of your very best musical sounds.

  • Host Computer. In the ‘virtual' side of your music lie the application programs containing digitized ‘sounds' which may include solo instruments or more likely will contain whole harmonic fields of textural sounds. Instantly complex and intellectually satisfying, your music driven by your synthesizer requires a Mac or Windows environment (and underlying PC or laptop for controller purposes).

  • Onboard And External Memory. Rich sounds = large data bytes so you'll need a system with a spare 540MB of RAM and a set-aside of up to 4 gigabytes of hard drive capability, for obtaining higher speed programming responses within your synthesizer. Meanwhile, you may realistically require a 500 mHz central processing unit (CPU) or better.

  • Programmable Synthesizer. The cool aspect of this music software is that you not only can access unlimited ranges of synthesized sounds, but you can naturally over-record your own play, plus add past music sampler sequences as a further layer of programming possibilities. Bottom line, you get a huge baseline of sound texture, unlimited control over tone and beat, along with mastering and unlimited re-rerecording capability.


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