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Are you ready for high impact movie theater sound and image quality? Is now the right time to get hooked-up with flat screen TV? Which HDTV manufacturer builds the best models? Should you buy-in now ... or wait for prices to drop?

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High Definition Television. You've seen high def TV at friends places ... film and sports programs have never looked better! You've seen LCD TV and LCD computer flat screen quality for years. Yes, there is a major quality difference that flat screen digital TV creates over the traditional analog TV technologies.

These early era "ground zero" TV's dominated households ever since TV made itself a mass market and American cultural icon during the early 1950's, launching major networks, creating shows by Disney or Lucille Ball, drawing in the major advertisers and sponsors that drove TV evolution into the Internet Age.

Sony KDL-46XBR2 46 in. HDTV LCD Television

The Fate Of Analog TV – Government Regulated Obsolescence

Get ready. Older era analog TVs, which cannot process digital data, will be officially phased out by 17 February, 2009. Congress passed a bill that spelled out the end of analog TV. After that date, no analog TV (unless supplied with a Federally subsidized HTSC converter box) will be able to make sense out of over the air broadcast data. In other words, your TV won't function except as a potted plant stand.

How Will A Wide Screen TV Perform? If it's simply a taller wider ordinary analog TV, then the wide screen will actually increase your awareness of murky images ... ghosting, shadowing and other flaws. No "silk purse out of a sow's ear" is possible. Yes ... but a high definition TV will improve regular TV viewing, by taking the analog input signal and "processing" it in order to handle movement.

Most people want to play DVDs. Solution? Get a high def TV so that all signal processing ... and what you see is in the most spectacular quality currently available.

What To Buy ... And What Will Last Into The Future? Right now, the digital age rules. You'll be safe for a number of years into the future if you buy an HDTV set today. You just have to create a budget ... determine the right wide screen size ... determine whether plasma or LCD displays are right ... then buy.


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