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See what you've been missing. If you have never owned binoculars before, or if you're ready to trade up to a better quality than what you have, this is the right site for you.

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Here you can learn:

  • What kinds of binoculars, monoculars, and scopes are available
  • Which brands offer the features you need at a price you're willing to pay
  • Tips on comparing models brand to brand
  • How to buy wisely

The sports optics field is characterized by both tradition and innovation.


Binoculars have been around a long time. Craftsmen were making fine lenses and prisms before there were computer-controlled lens grinding machines, and scientists were formulating corrective coatings then, too.

But modern technology has brought advances in optical science, design, and manufacturing techniques that have given us more power; sharper, clearer images; sturdier, lighter-weight instruments; a host of new features; and better quality at the low end of the price scale than was ever possible before.

You owe it to yourself to see what's out there

No matter what your lifestyle, you have a use for some kind of sports optics :

  • If you are active outdoors – hiking, birding, hunting, sailing, stargazing – at least one good pair of binoculars is a necessity; and a spotting scope can increase your options even more. A hunter needs one or more riflescopes, too.
  • If you attend sporting events, binoculars bring the action closer. You can snap a digital picture of the play with camera binoculars. And there are even binoculars with a built-in radio so you can listen to the play-by-play.
  • If your "sports" are the theater, symphony, and opera, a pair of opera glasses that fit in a pocket or purse will provide the kind of close–up, when you want it, that you've come to expect from the best film or television productions of the performing arts. And you can find out whether the woman waving in the balcony is someone you know or not.
  • Modern night vision scopes let you play after dark, whether your kind of play is a paintball game or just enjoying nocturnal wildlife while you're camping.

Do yourself – and your eyes – a favor. Use this site to learn about all the different options you have. Then go shopping and see what you can see.


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