Marine Binoculars For Waterproof Performance

Marine binoculars resist salt erosion, invasive water, glare yet give long-distance viewing.

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Why The Oceans Are Tough On General Purpose Binoculars. The marine environment presents four conditions that can be tough on a pair of general–purpose binoculars

  • Glare
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Distance
    Good marine binoculars are designed to manage all of these factors.

Technical Factors To Know About In Marine Binoculars

Special Coatings. Look for special coatings that mitigate glare and haze,

Marine binoculars

Waterproofing. Guaranteed waterproofing and fog proofing is a must, along with resistant and protective surfaces, high power, and a large field of view.

Brightness. Brightness is important under poor visibility conditions.

Zoom Capability. Depending on your situation, zoom may also be a feature on your shopping list, too. Image clarity is critical if you have to read markings on a distant vessel. If all you need to know is that there's a vessel in the offing and you don't much care whose it is, you may be able to get away with giving up some optical quality in exchange for other features.

Sizes And Image Stabilization Options. Marine binoculars are available in several sizes. The giant ones can be mounted for stability. And some image stabilization models are worth checking out.

Compare Fujinon, Nikon, Opticron, Steiner, and Swift for a range of prices, sizes, and features in marine binoculars.


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