Shooting Glasses For Improved Safety Vision Performance

Shooting glasses create eye protection, improve vision in low light for hunting performance.

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Completing Your Gear For Performance. If you are in the market for hunting binoculars, a riflescope, or a pistol scope, then you also need eye protection. Whether or not you need a prescription for vision correction, you need high-quality lenses in a comfortable frame that is designed with standard safety features.

Features To Look For In Shooting Glasses. Shooting glasses should provide good protection from the side – preferably more than just a stylish aviator-style wraparound.

Other features to look for are spring-loaded temples, a sweat bar above the lenses, and a comfortable, secure fit around the ear. Lenses should be polycarbonate and may also feature a tint or a polarization to aid visibility in the light conditions you encounter.

Shooting glasses

Companies And Brands For Shooting Glasses - Prescription Also. In addition to companies that also sell binoculars, like Tasco and Zeiss, companies that design and market sunglasses and eyeglasses, as well as sporting good stores, also sell shooting glasses. If you wear prescription lenses, of course, you should consult your eye care professional for recommendations.






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