Tiki Torches - Bamboo And Metal Garden Torch

Bamboo tiki torches create the atmosphere of a tropical luau in your backyard. Authentically aesthetic and a practical light source to set the mood for a party, bamboo tiki torches are a great buy.

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Bamboo Tiki Torches .. A Great Outdoor Accessory

Not many people know their options when it comes to a tiki torch, do you? Do you know whether bamboo tiki torches or metal tiki torches are a better choice for your yard or patio? Are you looking for oil, Citronella, or gas tiki torches? Well, read on to find out. WHich ever design you select, Tiki torches will add uniqe warm weather atmosphere to your outdoors as well as being a great accessory for your next barbeque or get together.

Metal Tiki Torches

Copper, bronze or steel are the three major types of metal tiki torches. Differing from bamboo in look, texture and lighting ambience, metal tiki torches set a mood of sophistication and tranquility. Metal tiki torches fit better at smaller, more intimate gatherings.

Gas, Oil, Citronella or Parrafin?

  • Convenience. Gas tiki torches and oil tiki torches each have their advantages. Gas and oil are both petroleum derivatives but need to be contained differently. Decide which lighting fuel is more convenient for you.
  • Gas Benefits. Gas torches require a gas canister or tank connection to burn. Typically, a gas tiki torch will use replaceable gas canisters which you can buy at a local hardware or outdoor store. Canister replacement is quick, easy and clean, which is why gas torches are generally more expensive then oil tiki torches.
  • Oil Tiki Torches. Oil fueled torches have built-in, refillable oil tanks as opposed to the replaceable canisters for gas tiki torches. In liquid form, oil carries the potential for spills and messes because it needs to be poured or funneled into the torch. However, oil tiki torches open the options of using Paraffin oil for a clean burn or Citronella to keep pesky bugs away
Tiki Torch

What's the difference between Citronella oil and Paraffin oil?

Paraffin oil is used as an oil substitute, as is Citronella. Paraffin oil is both odorless and smoke-free, making it safe for outdoor and indoor use. Paraffin allows you to enjoy a clean burning flame with less smell and smoke.

Citronella oil is scented oil for use as a bug repellant. Citronella is a very popular oil substitute for outdoor parties to keep bug bites to a minimum. Citronella should only be used outdoors.

Consumer Tip - Use Same Oil For Each Wick. A quick tip for oil tiki torches: Whether you are using Paraffin, Citronella, or pure oil, you will get the best performance from your torch if you use the same oil type for each wick.


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