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Solar tiki torch lighting combines eco-friendly sun-based energy lighting for your outdoor living room or patio or walkway areas. Outdoor solar tiki torches are affordable, renewable energy, easy-install outdoor ambient lighting solutions.

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Solar Tiki Torches – Eliminating “Fossil Fuel” Consumption. Go nuclear…avoid fossil fuel burning when the solar system, and our sun, delivers a wealth of “free energy” to every square foot of earth every day for the past 5 billion years, give or take a few minutes. Also, no more citronella tiki torch “spills” onto your deck when you convert to solar-nuclear.

Money Savings On Energy Bill. Solar tiki torch designs capture, and store, solar energy during the day…storing sufficient solar energy to convert to 12 hours or more of LED-lighting for your outdoor living room, patio or as a great deck stair lighting solution. Once installed, and models run between $20 to under-$100, you have virtually zero running costs unless many years of outdoor use result in rust or corrosion.

Easy Placement “Follow The Sun” Solar Tiki Torches. Want to capture some free energy? Simply locate your solar tiki torch in any spot where there’s a few hours of direct overhead sunlight. Captured daylight energy is stored.

Solar Tiki Torches

Role Of LEDs In Your Solar Tiki Torch. Light emitting diode technology produces a clear white light that creates a “natural” ambient mood. LEDs can be adjusted or dimmed, yet continue to radiate an even white light. Solar tiki torch LED semi-conductors can be programmed or regulated to create a subtle flame-like flashing…or even calibrated to emit light in different spectrum colors…again replicating the look-and-feel of an outdoor flame. LEDs not only give off a superior light, but they’ll save on replacement bulb costs, lasting nearly 20 times longer than old fashioned Thomas Edison-era incandescent bulb designs.

Free Energy Alternative To Electric Tiki Torches Plus Savings On Removal Of Ugly Wiring Cables. Ease-of-placement solar tiki torches not only save fuel costs, but home owners create an outdoor living room or patio environment free from unsightly cables and wires or propane gas tanks as required by gas tiki torch designs.


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