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The AOG 24 inch grill is the company's basic model, yet it's still packed with impressive features. Unlike most budget gas grills that offer the bare necessities, American Outdoor Grill loads their base model with the features most grilling enthusiasts desire.

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If you like cooking outside, but don't need a large, space consuming outdoor grill, the AOG 24 inch grill is the best solution. It's compact, but loaded.

Features of the AOG 24 Inch Grill

With 432 square inches of cooking space, there is enough room to cook burgers or hot dogs for a small crowd. Stainless steel cooking grates provide a durable, easy-to-clean bbq grilling surface. Warm your hotdog or hamburger buns on the large warming rack. By having the option to warm them high above the stainless steel burners, you eliminate the risk of burning the delicate rolls.

The barbecue grill offers stainless steel burners and a stainless steel back burner for rotisserie cooking. If you do not plan to ever use a rotisserie, you can ask for a model that doesn't include a back burner. You also choose between a model with a side burner. Most grill cooks find the side burner is an essential item, especially if you want boiled potatoes or corn with your meal and want to keep your house cool in the heat of summer. All burners light with push-button electronic ignition.

The AOG 24 inch grill lid is solid and includes a built-in thermometer to alert you to the gas grill's internal temperature as you cook.

The AOG 24 Inch Grill: Choose Between Stand Alone or Built-In Functionality

If you prefer a stand alone gas grill, the gas grill comes with a two-door storage cart. Hide your propane tank behind stainless steel doors and then use the other side for storage of your bbq grilling tools.

The built-in barbecue grill fits nicely into an outdoor kitchen space. Grill controls are located on the front, so you'd need to arrange your outdoor counter top to allow space for the front-located controls.

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