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The AOG 36 Inch Grill looks sleek and functions incredibly well. The stainless steel design includes large burner control knobs and a heavy duty lid that traps in heat. Choose between the freestanding version or the built-in bbq grill for your patio or garden kitchen.

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Thanks to the stainless steel design, the outdoor grill is solid. It doesn't feel flimsy when you move it. It's actually quite heavy and four casters on the cart model allow you to move it from one area to another without any huge struggle.

Features of the AOG 36 Inch Grill

American Outdoor Grill's 36-inch gas grill operates using natural gas or propane. The cart includes a storage area for your propane tank that is hidden by two solid stainless steel doors. If you hook your bbq grill to natural gas, use the storage area for your bbq grilling tools and wood chips.

The AOG 36 inch grill offers a 36 by 18 inch cooking grate giving you 648 square inches of barbecue space. The cooking grates are constructed from stainless steel and are easy to keep clean. When you're done grilling for the day, turn the burners up high, use a stiff wired bbq grill brush to remove any burnt on mess and you're ready for the next grilling session.

The gas grill also has a warming rack for heating your hotdog or hamburger buns and keeping foods that are cooked warm until the entire meal is ready. You can purchase the optional rotisserie and use the 10,000 BTU back burner for impressive rotisserie fare.

The heavy-duty outdoor grill lid offers a built-in thermometer. A substantial front handle matches the stainless steel design. With this grill you get four stainless steel burners that come with individual control knobs. All burners light using a push-button electronic ignition.

Handy Side Burner and Side Tray

Finishing off the AOG 36 inch grill is a side burner and then stainless steel side tray. Use the side tray for holding your basting sauces while your meats and vegetables are cooking. There is ample room on the side tray for a beverage, basting sauce and bbq grilling tools.

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