American Outdoor Gas Grills - AOG Grill 36" and 24"

American Outdoor gas grills sell built-in and freestanding grills. AOG grills are favored among those who hold frequent parties and gatherings.

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With ample cooking surface and space saving designs, it's easy to add an AOG gas grill to your deck, patio or garden area.

Sizes of American Outdoor Gas Grills

There are three main outdoor cooking grill sizes from which you can choose:

  • 24-inch grills
  • 30-inch grills
  • 36-inch grills

The grills come mounted on a stainless steel cart that includes two storage doors. If you prefer, you can mount the AOG gas grill on a space-saving pedestal or in-ground post design that makes the outdoor grill a permanent feature of your garden.

American Outdoor Gas Grill Features

The full range of features is determined by the model you choose, but all American Outdoor gas grills are crafted from durable stainless steel. Heavy-duty casters make it easy to move the freestanding cart grills around your deck, garage area or patio.

36-inch outdoor grills come with 648 square-inch stainless steel cooking grates. The barbecue grills come with electronic ignitions, built-in thermometers, stainless steel burners and rotisseries back burners. You can operate the gas grills using either natural gas or propane.

Most AOG gas grills also have warming racks for warming your hamburger or hot dog buns as your meat is cooking. You can also moved cooked meats to the warming rack while the rest of your meal cooks.

Some AOG gas grills eliminate the back burner and replace it with a side burner. If the side burner is important, you do have that option.

American Outdoor Grills Built-In Grill Options

If you need a built-in natural gas or propane gas grill, AOG sells three sizes: 24-inch, 30-inch or 36-inch. The gas grills' knobs are mounted on the front of your outdoor cook space and you can add features like side burners or storage as desired.

American Outdoor Grill Accessories

AOG doesn't offer a huge array of accessories, but they do include important ones like covers, infrared burner systems and side burners. The covers are available for both built-in and stand-alone gas grills.

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