Big Green Egg Grill Accessories - BBQ Cover for Grills

With many Big Green Egg Grill accessories available, you'll benefit from knowing more about them. Called EGGcessories by the manufacturer, top-selling items include lump charcoal, nests and covers.

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The Big Green Egg Grill is a popular charcoal grill that features an impressive egg-shape design. The round cooking grates provide ample space for your meat, seafood and vegetables. There are pans and specialty grids that enhance your bbq grilling experience.

Big Green Egg Grill Accessories Including Nests and Tables

The Big Green Egg charcoal grills are crafted from ceramics and are therefore quite heavy. Metal nests remain one of the top Big Green Egg grill accessories. The metal nests cradle the charcoal grill. Swivel casters make it easy to move your ceramic patio charcoal grill from one area another.

In addition to making your charcoal grill easy to move, the nest also raises the level of the bbq grill eliminating the need to bend over while you grill.

If you want a more permanent fixture, Big Green Egg grill accessory tables are a great choice. The tables include a center hole that supports a Big Green Egg charcoal grill. Tables come in long or compact. The tables are made from cypress to eliminate the possibility of insect damage and rot. Big Green Egg also offers blueprints allowing you to build your own custom Big Green Egg table.

Covers are Important Big Green Egg Grill Accessories

Protect the finish of your Big Green Egg charcoal grill with vinyl covers. The heavy-duty covers are vented to release trapped moisture. Covers are available for all barbecue sizes and even come in versions that also protect your bbq grilling table or nest.

Miscellaneous Big Green Egg Grill Accessories

Other Big Green Egg Grill Accessories include non-stick drip pans to make cleaning of greasy messes easier than ever. The special coating on a Big Green Egg charcoal grill already makes it easy to keep the interior of your bbq grill easy, but a drip pan is even better.

Upgrade to a porcelain coated cooking grates for small foods like shrimp or burgers. The mesh pattern on these cooking grates eliminates the issue of food falling through the slats.

Add a cast iron griddle for pancakes and eggs. Other Big Green Egg Grill accessory options include a vertical roasting pan for your poultry. You can make every side of your turkey or chicken crispy. If you've never tried a beer can roasted chicken, it's about time!

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