Big Green Egg Chiminea - Grill and Smoker

Turn your wasted outdoor space into a vibrant fall and early spring attraction with a Big Green Egg Chiminea. As winter approaches or nears its end, people love spending time outdoors. However, chilly air temperatures often limit your comfort. Warm the outdoor area with a Big Green Egg Chiminea and increase the amount of use you get from your deck or patio.

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When it's too chilly to stay outdoors, light a fire in your Big Green Egg Chiminea and enjoy the increased use you get from your outdoor garden area. It's a must for year round outdoor entertaining.

Entertain Friends and Family in a Unique Way

One of the differences a Big Green Egg Chiminea brings to any gathering is the optional cooking grate. Place a Big Green cooking grate over the fire in your outdoor chimenea and whip up freshly grilled hors d'oeuvres. Your guests will enjoy eating snacks right off the grill.

How a Big Green Egg Chiminea Works

Outdoor chimeneas resemble the shape of an onion. The ceramic fireplaces have a rounded body that lead to a narrow chimney. The bulbous area is wide enough for small logs. Light a fire in the bulb and allow the warmth of the fire to heat your outdoor patio or deck.

The fire from an outdoor patio heat is often enough to keep guests warm even in the middle of winter. Best of all, you're not wasting electricity. Firewood for outdoor fire pits is generally inexpensive and sold in stores or from private homes. If you already have a wood stove in your home, you can use your firewood in the outdoor patio chiminea and enjoy the outdoors year round.

Big Green Egg Chimineas are freestanding, but you can purchase a metal stand if you do not want the hot ceramic fire pit sitting on your wooden deck surface. On a cement or stone patio, the garden chiminea is often fine without the stand.

Safety Measures Taken by Big Green Egg Chiminea

Many homeowners worry about sparks coming from an outdoor chiminea. Big Green Egg Chiminea models have screening over the open area to eliminate this possible fire hazard. It's important that you make sure you are around whenever there is a fire burning in the outdoor patio heater, but the screen adds a layer of safety.

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