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The Big Green Egg Charcoal BBQ Grill functions as a charcoal grill, smoker and oven. With one compact charcoal grill, you can use it for most of your cooking methods. The tightly sealed charcoal grill comes in five sizes and is meant to be used year round, regardless of weather.

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It's worth noting that the Big Green Egg Charcoal BBQ Grill manufacturer does not authorize online sales of their charcoal grills. If you buy one online, the manufacturer states they will not honor the warranty. Make sure you buy the charcoal grill from an authorized dealer.

Common Features of the Big Green Egg Charcoal BBQ Grill

The egg-shaped Big Green Egg Charcoal BBQ Grill reaches temperatures of 750 degrees when you allow the charcoals to reach their peak temperature and keep the dampers closed. However, you can also open the dampers to maintain lower grill temperatures. Cook at temperatures as low as 200 degrees making it a great tool for smoking ribs or briskets.

The Big Green Egg Charcoal BBQ Grills feature top and bottom dampers to maximize air flow. Air flows from the bottom of the charcoal grill and pushes heat up to the lid. Your foods cook better and you gain the potential of cooking everything from bread and pizzas to steaks and seafood.

Sizes Available with Big Green Egg Charcoal BBQ Grills

There are five Big Green Egg Charcoal BBQ Grill Models. They include:

  • Mini Egg
  • Small Egg
  • Medium Egg
  • Large Egg
  • XL Egg

The Mini Egg is meant to be taken with you and designed specifically for those cooking for only one or two people. Bring it on picnics, camping trips and tailgate parties. It weighs 30 pounds and offers 64 square inches of cooking space. The Small Egg is better for small families with a 13-inch round cooking grate providing 133 square inches of space.

The Medium Egg provides 177 square inches of cooking space and is more substantial weighing 95 pounds. Wooden side trays help you stay organized while grilling.

The Large Egg is their top-selling model. It weighs 140 pounds and provides 255 square inches of cooking space. Purchase a stand with swivel casters for easier moving on your deck and patio.

If you need loads of space, the XL Egg charcoal grill provides enough space for two turkeys. It's heavy and weighs 205 pounds, so the swivel caster stand is recommended.

Recommended That You Use Lump Charcoal

The manufacturer of the Big Green Egg Charcoal BBQ Grill recommends using lump charcoal to reduce ashes. Not to mention, lump charcoal lights more quickly and is usually ready for grilling within fifteen minutes.

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