Chiminea Accessories - Outdoor Fireplace Patio Heaters

Every patio heater relies on chiminea accessories to improve its form and function. The outdoor chiminea accessories range from protective mats to fire starters that are safe for a chimenea's interior. Learn more about the different products you can purchase to complement your patio heater.

Firewood with Insect Repellent Qualities

If you want specially sized wood that keeps biting insects away, some online stores sell bags of six-inch pieces of Pinion to fit any outdoor chiminea model. The wood has a particular scent that mosquitoes hate, so you can keep them at bay with this wood.

A wood tote is a handy way to bring wood to your garden chiminea for the night without having to get your clothing dirty. The totes have carrying handles and fit a sizable portion of logs.

Replacement Parts for Your Outdoor Patio Heater

Items like cooking grates, replacement gas logs and new outdoor chiminea stands are frequently requested. If your spark stopping screen has worn out, you don't need to rush out and purchase a new outdoor chiminea, simply replace the screen. Other parts that are available include:

  • Bottom grates
  • Chimney neck replacements
  • Rain lids
  • Replacement legs
  • Spark inserts

Preventing Burns to Your Hands

A screen tool is sold at companies like Blue Rooster, This wood handled, iron shafted tool is perfect for stirring embers and pulling the fire screen out when you need to add new logs. Because the tool touches the hot surface, your hands are spared from potential burns.

Protect Your Deck with Fire Proof Mats

If you are using your new outdoor chiminea on a deck, you'll want to protect the wood from scorch marks. While most stands are high enough to keep the hot bottom of the chiminea's bowl away from the wood, sometimes the heat gets intense and causes problems. In addition, there is a risk of burn marks from sparks when you add new wood.

Fire proof mats fit under your outdoor patio heater. They do not fade thanks to the UV resistance and they repel water. When you're cleaning your fire pit or outdoor chiminea, ashes will fall onto the mat and can quickly be vacuumed or swept up keeping any dirty mess from reaching your deck wood.

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