Cast Aluminum Chiminea - Outdoor Patio Chimineas

If you want a rust-proof, durable outdoor patio heater, choose a cast aluminum chiminea. Unlikely to ever rust, warp or corrode, cast aluminum looks great, functions wonderfully and lasts a lifetime.

On a cool spring or fall evening, invite friends or family over for drinks and a meal outside. You can stay outside, even after the temperatures dip and enjoy a warm patio or deck. You'll get more use from your outdoor living area and get to enjoy starry nights.

Benefits to Cast Aluminum Chimineas

Following the same principle as a cast iron chiminea, melted aluminum is poured into a mold to create the base and chimney for the cast aluminum chiminea. You get a solid outdoor chiminea that withstands extremely high temperatures without cracking or warping.

Cast aluminum is not going to rust. While cast iron can rust if exposed to moisture, cast aluminum is used frequently in cookware and sheds water and ice without damage. You don't need to season the metal before using.

Because cast iron is extremely heavy, if you do have to move it, it's going to take a few people. A cast aluminum outdoor chiminea is lightweight and easily moved by one person.

Choosing a Cast Aluminum Chiminea

When shopping for a cast aluminum chiminea, it pays to look for certain features. First is the size of the patio chiminea. If you burn wood at home and plan to use your existing wood stock for the outdoor patio heater, you'll need a patio chiminea that is large enough for the logs you have.

Many patio chimineas fit 12-inch pieces of firewood. Because the average log size is 16 or 18 inches, you're going to spend a lot of time cutting your logs small enough to fit. Look for a larger chiminea that fits logs up to 20 inches.

Your garden chiminea should have a cast iron grate for the logs to sit on. This keeps the heat of the coals from touching the sides of bottom of the chiminea. It also improves air flow around the wood for proper burning.

Make sure your cast aluminum chiminea has a stand that keeps the bottom from resting on your grass or deck. The actual chiminea sides and bottom will get hot during use, so you need to keep that heat from causing a fire.

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