Ceramic Chiminea - Outdoor Patio Chimineas

If you want a long lasting outdoor patio heater, a ceramic chiminea is designed to last. While clay can crack if not used and maintained properly, ceramic patio chimineas are ready to use as soon as you get home.

Benefits to a Ceramic Chiminea

The benefits to a patio chiminea made from ceramic include the resistance to extremely high temperatures. Providing you maintain your ceramic chiminea, it will last decades.

Never use a flammable liquid to start your fire. This could damage the ceramic finish causing cracks. Otherwise, if you get a hot fire going using newspapers and kindling, your ceramic outdoor chiminea will withstand extremely hot temperatures. Because wood varieties burn with different outputs, a ceramic chiminea will withstand even the hottest woods like oak.

Best of all, unlike clay chimeneas, you do not need to coat the outside of your ceramic chiminea with a waterproofing agent to prevent damage from snow, rain and ice.

Maintaining Your Ceramic Chiminea

You should remove ashes that may build up every week or so. Make sure the patio chiminea is cool before cleaning it. Once you have the ceramic chiminea empty, take a damp rag and wipe away any stains.

If you need to use a cleaner, look for one that is non-abrasive and suitable for porcelain finishes. A mild dish soap usually works well. Wipe away all traces of cleaner before lighting a new fire to prevent chemical smells.

The Big Green Egg Ceramic Chiminea

Big Green Egg is known for more than unique charcoal grills. Their ceramic chiminea is a favorite outdoor patio heater.

The Big Green Egg ceramic chiminea comes in five parts that you must assemble. This includes the garden chimenea base, the chimney cone, a cap, the door and a spark protecting screen door. Place the spark protecting door over the opening on the base to prevent sparks from coming out. Once the screen is in place, add the the chimney cone. Place the door onto the front opening of the base. When the outdoor patio heater is not in use, place the cap over the chimney cone to keep rain from entering the chiminea.

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