Copper Chiminea - Outdoor Fire Pit Chimineas

For an eye-catching patio heater, look at a copper chiminea. Molded from copper sheets, these garden chimineas are beautiful to look at. Just remember that weather will give copper a greenish hue over time. Don't expect that shiny reddish-gold color to last.

Carefully look at the design of the copper chiminea. If it is riveted, you'll need to periodically inspect it for loosened or missing rivets. You should also look at the construction of the base to make sure it is thick enough to support the logs it will be holding.

Key Difference Between a Fire Pit and a True Chimenea

Originally designed for baking bread, a chimenea is a solid round base that could fit a grill surface. Today, there are many designs.

Copper chimineas seem to provide the most variety. Some resemble fire pits with a screened structure that prevents sparks from flying onto your deck or lawn. Others provide the option of removing the screening for an open fire pit. Fire pits often suit homeowners who prefer a larger base that fits standard cord wood.

Because the majority of firewood is sold in 16 or 18 inch lengths, it's too large for a clay or ceramic chiminea that usually requires 12 or 14 inch logs. You must cut the wood down and this is time consuming and tedious if you do not own a chainsaw. With a fire pit style outdoor chiminea, you can easily use these larger pieces of wood.

Versatility Makes a Difference

Some of today's hottest copper chiminea models serve multiple purposes. You can remove open one section of the screening, place a cooking grate over the coals and use the outdoor chiminea as a charcoal grill. Remove the screening completely and have an open fire pit for roasting marshmallows.

Other copper chimineas are suspended in the air by a special frame that keeps their bottom surface far away from your deck or lawn. This prevents the possibility of a fire caused by the extreme heat radiating from the bottom of the outdoor chiminea's base. It's often best, for that reason, to make sure your copper chiminea has a stand that keeps it far above your deck's surface.

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