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A patio chiminea is a great investment, especially if you have outdoor space that you would enjoy using during more than the summer. Make your patio heater last years and years by protecting it from rain, snow and ice.

As temperatures dip, many people find themselves forced inside because it's simply too cold at night. If you have an outdoor chiminea to keep you warm, you'll use your deck or patio space year round instead of during the summer.

What to Look for in a Chiminea Cover

Quality is important when purchasing a chiminea cover. You need a cover that will not rip. Check for double-stitched seams, heavy-duty vinyl and a felt lining to protect your outdoor chiminea from scratches.

If you own a clay outdoor chiminea, you also need a cover that allows air to flow freely around the clay to prevent the growth of mildew. Mildew stains are impossible to get out of a clay chiminea unless it is glazed on the exterior.

Check to see if the chiminea cover offers UV protection. Sun rays can fade the finish of your clay or porcelain garden chiminea, but chiminea coves with UV protection keep that from happening.

Make sure the chiminea cover is designed for sub-zero temperatures, especially if you live in northern climates. You do not want a cover that will crack when it is freezing outside.

Sizes of Chiminea Covers

Most chiminea covers come in three sizes:

  • Large, also called medium by some retailers
  • Oversized, also called large by some retailers
  • Supersized, also called extra-large by some retailers

Choose your grill cover based on the circumference of your outdoor chiminea. At Blue Rooster Company, their large will fit an outdoor chiminea with a 60 inch circumference. Their oversized first a patio chiminea with a circumference of 80 inches. The supersized is for outdoor chimineas with an 88 inch circumference.

If you have a fire pit, you should look for specially made fire pit chiminea covers for the best fit. Most fire pits have a circumference of close to 100 inches, so a traditional chiminea cover will not fit.

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