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A chiminea fire pit allows 360-degree viewing of the glowing coals and fire. Many find flame patterns to be extremely relaxing and romantic. However, others simply want an outdoor patio heater and don't care to watch the fire that creates the heat. This is one consideration to keep in mind when deciding between a traditional outdoor chiminea and firepit.

A chiminea fire pit includes a large bowl in which you burn your wood. The bowl sits in a solid meal stand keeping the bowl elevated off the ground at an optimal height for those sitting around your deck or patio. The difference is the base is often open; no screen is there to blocks sparks. This provides everyone around your firepit with the opportunity to watch the flames. No one has to shift their chair to be closer to the opening of the garden chiminea.

Prices are Comparable

Because a both styles of outdoor patio heaters are priced similarly, you cannot base your final decision on the cost. You'll find both chiminea fire pits and traditional patio chimineas start at around $100. You may find cheaper models in discount retailers, but ask around before purchasing. Some bargain brands will crack when exposed to high temperatures creating a fire hazard.

Chiminea Fire Pits are Exposed to Weather

If you're outside and rain showers pass by, the chiminea fire pit will become incredibly smoky. In addition, until you have a hot bed of coals, wood does tend to smoke a lot when it is first igniting. Guests may have to shift positions to avoid the drifting smoke.

On the other hand, smoke keeps biting insects like mosquitoes at bay. If insects are bothersome, an open chiminea fire pit is a great solution to sticky insect repellents.

Modern Chiminea Fire Pits Burn Propane and Natural Gas

If burning wood isn't for you, there are many chiminea fire pits that include a burner fueled by natural gas or propane. People who dislike the smell of burning wood or the resulting smoke often find a gas firepit is the best outdoor patio heater.

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