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More homeowners enjoy spending time outside in cooler weather thanks to an outdoor fire chiminea. In early spring, fall and even the winter months, people want to be outdoors, but cooler temperatures make it hard to enjoy a clear, starry night. With an outdoor patio heater, you can stay comfortable outside even when it's dipping towards the freezing mark.

Outdoor fire chimineas provide you with an outdoor fireplace that heats your deck, patio or garden space whenever you need warmth. They're simple to use, mesmerizing to watch and the attractive designs enhance your outdoor living area.

Different Styles of Outdoor Fire Chimineas

Generally, you have five materials available in an outdoor fire chiminea. They include:

  • Cast aluminum
  • Cast iron
  • Clay
  • Copper
  • Porcelain

Cast aluminum, cast iron and copper are impossible to damage, while clay and porcelain can crack if hit with a harder object. Cast iron can rust if exposed to moisture. Copper will turn a greenish shade with age. Each material does have its own special attributes that you should consider when deciding the type of outdoor fire chiminea that best fits your sense of style.

Beyond the basic materials, there are different forms. A classic outdoor chiminea has a bulbous base with an opening for your logs. Above the base is a cone shaped chimney that vents the smoke. Some chiminea outdoor patio heaters are large enough that you can add a cooking grate and cook foods over the hot coals.

Another form is the chiminea fire pit. This version is an open bowl that provides 360-degree views of the fire pit so that everyone on your deck or patio can sit and enjoy a view of the flames.

Decorative Outdoor Fire Chimineas

When shopping for your ideal outdoor fire chiminea, you'll enjoy a wide variety of designs. Many of today's cast metal chimineas offer embossed designs like grape vines, pine cones, butterflies or orchids. You can choose a design that fits with your overall garden theme.

For example, if your back patio area is surrounded by a scented butterfly garden, you can add a butterfly patterned outdoor fire chiminea to carry that butterfly garden theme onto your deck or patio. You still get the outdoor patio heater you need but are able to make it a stylish representation of your overall back garden design.

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