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DCS 30-inch grills offer modern technology and impressive features that any avid barbecuer will love. If a 30-inch barbecue grill is the size you need, you benefit from a number of options including built-in and freestanding.

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DCS gas grill heat better than traditional gas grills and avoid flare ups thanks to a specific grease catching system. The sloped cooking grates have a unique design that catches grease and sends it forward to the grease pan. You'll find it easier to keep your ceramic radiant rods and grill bottom clean. Simply remove the grease pan, scrape out any mess, give it a wash and then replace it.

DCS 30-Inch Grill Unit for Built-in Cooking Spaces

DCS sells a 30-inch built-in bbq grill unit. It features almost 500 square inches of grilling space over dual 25,000 BTU burners. The burners use the company's patented ceramic radiant rod system for even heating.

The built-in DCS 30-inch grill unit drops into an existing outdoor barbecue grill counter or rack. The opening must measure 28.5 by 22.75 by 10.0125 inches. It comes ready to hook up to a propane tank or natural gas line.

If you prefer the streamline design of this bbq grill, you can purchase an optional cart. With a few extra steps, you can mount the built-in DCS 30-inch grill to the cart and have a freestanding grill.

DCS 30-Inch Grill (Freestanding)

The 30-inch freestanding gas grill by DCS provides 575 square inches of cooking space and a heavy-duty rotisserie. If you are a fan of rotisserie chicken or roasts, you'll love that addition.

The barbecue grill features battery ignition, stainless steel cooking grates, a bbq grill light, storage drawers and a side tray. You should have plenty of room to store your accessories, wood chips and barbecue tools.

Weighing 260 pounds, the DCS freestanding 30-inch grill is solid and well constructed. It's crafted from 18-gauge stainless steel that stands up to inclement weather. An optional grill cover is available from authorized retailers and online.

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