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Easily shop for a DCS 36-inch grill by form. Generally with DCS bbq grills, you choose between built-ins or freestanding outdoor cooking grills. If you have an outdoor kitchen and want a professional gas grill, built-in patio grills are best.

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If you have a finished deck, patio or garden area where you like to relax and need a replacement bbq grill, a freestanding grill may be more compatible with your needs.

DCS 36 Inch Built-in Grill

Available for both propane and natural gas, the built-in DCS 36-inch grill provides a lot of power for the money. Add the grill to your current outdoor kitchen set up, or purchase the optional cart mount kit and create your customized outdoor kitchen area.

DCS 36-inch grills for built-in kitchen areas offer the following features.

  • 14,000 BTU rear infrared burner
  • Battery powered electronic ignition
  • Flash tubes ensure the gas grill lights every time
  • One year warranty on labor, limited lifetime warranty on parts
  • Patented ceramic radiant rod burner system
  • Rotisserie with motor capable of turning up to 50 pound roasts
  • Smoker tray with 3,500 BTU burner
  • Specialized grease system directs grease to front grease tray to avoid flare ups
  • Stainless steel cooking grates
  • Stainless steel warming rack
  • Three 25,000 BTU burners

DCS 36 Inch Grill with Cart

For those who prefer a freestanding gas grill, the DCS 36-inch grill with a storage cart is the better choice. The grill features the same benefits as the previous grill but adds a roomy cart where you store your propane tank, if applicable, barbecue grill cover, grilling tools and other important accessories. If you use natural gas, use the propane tank storage cupboard for a small trash can instead.

The cart includes two storage drawers, one large and one small. The entire bbq grill is crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel. Many grillers line the larger drawer with ice packs and then store their meats and vegetables until it's time to cook. If you're having an outdoor gathering, you can even use it for beers, sodas and bottled drinks.

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