DCS Grill Accessories - Gas Outdoor BBQ Covers for Grills

Purchase DCS accessories to complement your gas grill. The range of accessories available is pretty impressive and includes cooking supplies to protective coverings. Learn more about what DCS offers for accessories.

Barbecue Grill Tool Sets

Crafted from durable stainless steel, the DCS barbecue tool set includes:

  • Barbecue fork
  • Cleaning brush and scraper
  • Grease pan scraper
  • Spatula
  • Tongs

The five-piece barbecue grill tool set offers long handles to protect your hands from the heat of the grill. The bbq grill tools also have ergonomic grip handles that help you grip the handles, even if your hands are wet or greasy.

The outdoor cooking grill tool set comes wrapped in a barbecue apron that has deep pockets for storing the various tools.

Gas Grill Covers

Gas grill covers are popular DCS grill accessories. Those who leave their grill outside, exposed to the elements need protection from ice, snow and rain. DCS grill covers are designed from sturdy felt-lined vinyl and are roomy enough to prevent the weight of snow or ice from tearing the seams.

Gas grill covers are designed to fit most DCS outdoor cookers, including 30, 36 and 48 inch models.

DCS Outdoor Cooking Grill Cutting Board Shelves

Freestanding gas grills can have an optional side shelf added in many cases. DCS wood cutting boards fit into the side shelves or can be used alone as a high-quality cutting board. Enjoy three different DCS accessory's options for a wooden cutting board to use when prepping foods to cook on your gas grill.

  • 10 by 18 inch budget cutting board
  • Brazilian Cherry cutting board for side shelves
  • Maple cutting board for 36 and 48 inch grill carts

DCS Griddles and Cooking Woks

DCS accessories like the griddle or cooking wok allow you to cook an entire meal outside. You can also place the griddle on the cooking grates of your grill and whip up pancakes or Texas Toast in no time.

The 18 by 11-inch model is made from commercial grade stainless steel and fits 36 or 48-inch gas grill models.

DCS also sells a stainless steel wok and wok ring that allow you to place the wok securely on your barbecue grill grates or on the side burner.

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