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A DCS barbeque grill always expands your living space. In fact, having a deck or patio with an outdoor kitchen area is added to your home's square footage when you have your house appraised for sale.

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No matter where you live, people enjoy sitting outside in the fresh air with family and friends and a good meal. Thanks to its innovated design you will present restaurant quality grilled fare with any DCS BBQ grill.

Patented Ceramic Radiant Rods

DCS barbeque grills use the company's patented ceramic radiant rods to create a grilling surface like no other. Infrared technology comes close, but the infrared radiation is spread out over the entire surface increasing the space for meat drippings and basting sauces to land. In the end, you spend time cleaning your infrared outdoor gas grill to remove everything.

Ceramic radiant rods use the same technology, but instead of a large plate, the rods are narrower and much easier to clean. In addition, you can turn the rods to clean them using flame rather than having to dismantle your grates and burner area.

Grate Design Traps Grease

38- and 48-inch DCS BBQ grills feature a unique grate design. The grids slant to the front where grease is then directed into a grease trap. When you're done grilling, simply remove the grease trap, scrap out the drippings, give it a quick wash and return it. There is no grease falling onto your ceramic radiant rod system or the bottom of the grill where it will cause flare ups.

Most Gas Grills Come with Infrared Rotisserie

Unlike outdoor gas grills that require you to spend extra money on a rotisserie kit, many DCS Barbeque Grills come with a heavy-duty rotisserie system that is designed to hold up to 50 pounds of meat. The plug-in rotisserie motor comes with a two-foot cord so that you can access outdoor outlets without having to keep your outdoor cooking grill near your home's siding.

The rotisserie uses infrared heat to sear juices inside as your roast or poultry cooks to perfection. If you're a fan of Greek food like Gyro, the rotisserie cooker is an important option.

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