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DCS built in grills turn a patio or deck area into a gourmet outdoor kitchen. High quality components and impressive features ensure you'll love every minute spent with your DCS outdoor gas grill. Choose between natural gas or propane. Pick the gas grill size that best fits your outdoor space.

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There are fourteen DCS built in grill models available. They range from 30-inch to griddle and side burner units.

DCS Built In Grills for Propane Gas

DCS built in grills range in size from 30-inch to 48-inch. Choose between outdoor gas grill built-ins that have two side burners or simply have the covered grill area. All come with the rotisserie, bbq grill lights,stainless steel grill grates, and electronic ignition. Some also offer a smoker function that operates using a separate 3,500 BTU burner.

DCS Built In Grills for Natural Gas

If you have a dedicated line running to your patio or deck, a DCS built in grill for natural gas is a cost effective option. The grills come with all the features of the propane system, but you don't need to run out to fill up your propane tank periodically.

In addition, you won't be in the middle of cooking and suddenly run out of fuel and need to make an emergency trip to the nearest propane tank dealer or finishing cooking inside.

DCS Built In Grill Unit

If you don't like cooking on a bbq grill with a bulky cover, a DCS built in grill unit will suit you. Available in both natural gas and propane models, the outdoor cooker offers 494 square inches of open grilling space. A stainless steel cover slides over the top to protect it from inclement weather, but you cannot cover your food while it is cooking.

DCS Built In Grill Side Burner and Griddle Unit

The DCS Built In Grill Side Burner and Griddle Unit complements a DCS built in grill unit. The side burner and griddle unit does not contain a grill. Use it next to your bbq grill unit and turn out a full breakfast by grilling your sausage and making hash browns on the side burner and pancakes on your griddle. This specialized built in turns your outdoor cooking space into a full outdoor kitchen.

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