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DCS grill carts come in a variety of sizes. Learn about the features and sizes currently available before choosing the model for your built-in gas grill. DCS products are crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel, so you're ensured quality.

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It's important to make sure you pick the correct size. If you plan to purchase a cart, it's often best to purchase the outdoor cooking grill unit at the same time, to ensure it will be a proper fit. If not, use the guidelines below to pick the right model for your needs.

DCS 48-Inch Grill Cart

The 48-inch gas grill cart fits either the propane or natural gas 48-inch built in gas grill by DCS. The cart features two storage door areas, one for your propane tank. If you are using natural gas, turn the cupboard area into an area for a small trash bin. Two slide out drawers provide storage for your bbq grill accessories. If preferred, many DCS grill users add ice packs to the larger drawer and use it to store grilling meats and canned or bottled beverages.

Additional accessories for the DCS grill cart include a side shelf with a wooden surface for prep work and leveling legs to ensure your gas grill is properly installed.

36-Inch DCS Grill Carts

Similar to the 48-inch model, the 36-inch DCS grill cart model features one door with storage behind and two drawers. You can store your propane tank behind the cupboard if desired, but those with natural gas hook ups often find the cupboard area makes a great location for an outdoor trash can.

Add side shelves to the DCS grill cart for a larger workspace. The wooden side shelf makes is perfect for chopping vegetables. Just keep a bottle of bleach solution on hand for sanitizing.

30-Inch DCS Grill Carts

If you have a 30-inch barbecue grill, choose between two gas grill cart models. The CAD-30 is designed to fit Liberty Collection gas grills by DCS. There are two pull-out drawers, one fits a propane tank and the other is meant for an ice bucket or trash receptacle.

The BGB30-CSS is smaller and comes with a fold-down shelf. Use the shelf for food prep or counter space. The DCS grill cart has a condiment shelf and propane tank storage area.

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