DCS Grill Cover - Gas Outdoor BBQ Covers for Grills

You've invested money in a new bbq grill, so it makes sense to protect it with DCS grill covers. When shopping for a barbecue grill cover, it's important to check the durability of the material and if it has a pull-cord to help secure it into place. Many people fail to think about this and then lose their cover on a very windy day.

Materials Used on DCS Grill Covers

DCS outdoor cooking grill covers are made from heavy-duty vinyl and lined with felt to protect your deck or patio grill from scratches.

Measure Your Gas Grill Twice

To get a DCS grill cover that fits, measure the total dimensions of your gas grill. Make sure you get measurements for the height, width and depth. Taking the measurements twice and making sure they agree is the best way to ensure you have the correct measurements.

Sizes of DCS Grill Covers

DCS grill covers come in two lengths. One fits just the top of the gas grill, perfect for built-in garden grills. The other drapes all the way to the ground protecting your gas grill cart.

DCS sells grill covers in the following sizes:

  • 30-inch gas grill and cart cover
  • 30-inch gas grill cover for built-ins
  • 36-inch gas grill and cart cover
  • 36-inch gas grill cover for built-ins
  • 48-inch gas grill and cart cover
  • 48-inch gas grill and side burner cover for built-ins
  • 48-inch gas grill cover for built-ins

DCS allows a few extra inches for the cover to correctly fit over your DCS outdoor gas grill. The 48-inch gas grill cover measures 52 by 28 inches. The 36-inch gas grill cover measures 37 by 25 inches. Make sure you pick the size that fits with a little extra room. This will prevent the DCS grill cover's seams from tearing under the weight of snow or ice. It also makes it easier to remove the barbecue grill cover.

Safety Tips

Allow your gas grill to fully cool before replacing the DCS grill cover. Make sure the propane or gas line is turned off too.

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