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Turn out four-star style meals with a DCS professional grill. Most consumer bbq grills cook at temperatures too low to properly sear meat sealing in the juices. With a professional outdoor gas grill, you benefit in many ways.

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Spend more time with your family and friends and less time behind the gas grill with a heavy-duty outdoor cooking grill. Learn how easy it is to prepare restaurant-quality meals in minutes.

Cooking Heat is Critical

The reason restaurants turn out juicy, well flavored steaks, meats and seafood is all due to seasoning and temperature. Most outdoor cooking grills rely on hot air to cook your food. This leads to a dry, tough food product. With ample heat and just enough flame, meat is perfectly seared outside while juices remained trapped inside where they belong.

DCS professional grills use the company's patented ceramic radiant rod burner system to deliver exceptionally high temperatures to the entire grilling grate. The uniquely shaped grate forces grease to slide forward where it is collected in a grease pan. You don't worry about flare ups or greasy messes on your ceramic radiant rods

You get high temperatures that compare to infrared gas grills, but DCS professional grills reach lows of 200 to 300 degrees, perfect for warming or smoking foods. High heats quickly sear steaks, seafood, pork and poultry trapping in juices. Add a basting sauce or spice rub for additional flavor.

Lights Perfectly in any Condition

All DCS professional grills have electronic ignition that is powered by a battery. However, as a back up, the bbq grills use flash tubes that draw some of your lighter's flame into the tube for a perfect light every time. Don't worry about struggling to light the gas grill on very humid or windy days.

Tips for Cooking on a DCS Professional Grill

If you are marinating your food, allow it to sit at least 12 hours in the marinade. A Ziploc bag works well, but you can also use a glass bowl. Just make sure to flip the meat periodically so that the marinade reaches all areas of your meat or vegetables.

Spice rubs provide maximum flavor if you rub the meat and then allow to sit until the meat reaches room temperature before grilling. Meat that is at room temperature will cook optimally without having any cold or frozen spots to impede the cooking process. Never allow the meat to sit for more than an hour before grilling.

Spray your grill with a light coating of oil before grilling to keep food from sticking. Pam has a cooking oil spray specifically designed for bbq grills.

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