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Professional quality is key with any DCS outdoor gas grill. Their outdoor gas grills are packed with professional features like extra-low temperature settings and battery powered burner ignition.

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The problem with many store-bought gas grills is that the burners are not properly protected against drippings. They wind up corroding and needing replacement burners every year. This gets expensive. Some DCS outdoor gas grills use advanced technology to protect the burners.

Sizes of the Different DCS Outdoor Cooking Grills

Customize your deck or patio grill to your specific needs. DCS outdoor gas grills come in a variety of sizes ranging from 30 to 48 inches. Grilling areas start at 494 square inches and go as high as 861 square inches.

With burner options available for both propane and natural gas, you can customize your outdoor patio grill space. Choose between two, three or four burners for maximum heat output. You can also choose between freestanding or built-in barbecue grills.

Features of any DCS Outdoor Gas Grill

36-inch and 48-inch DCS outdoor gas grills come with a patented Grease Management System. The gas grill is designed with cooking grids that slope forward forcing grease to fall away from the burner. Burners are ceramic radiant rods that optimize the dispersal of heat and mimic the glowing charcoals found in a traditional charcoal barbecue grill. Burners provide 25,000 BTUs of heat that you can turn to extra-low heat settings (200 to 300 degrees) for keeping foods warm or slow cooking meats like ribs or chicken.

Burners are lit using flash tubes that intake a flame in order to properly ignite the gas. Even in windy conditions, your outdoor cooking grill will light every time.

About DCS Appliances

DCS started selling drop-in cooktops in 1989. Since then, they've expanded their product line to include indoor and outdoor appliances, including outdoor gas grills and barbecues.

Considered the leading manufacturer of professional quality outdoor cooking grills, DCS has a wide line of stainless steel patio grills, deck grills and garden grills. Their outdoor gas grills typically come with full one-year warranties on labor and a limited lifetime warranty on parts.

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